New “green” lifts at Malpensa

Highly innovative technology to improve energy efficiency at the airport. 

Milan, 16 May 2012 – As well as speeding up and improving movement of passengers between the various floors, taking up to 7200 people per hour, the futuristic Malpensa lifts have another very important feature for the environment, an issue on which SEA has focused its development strategy. They are, in fact, able to produce savings from the energy point of view. All lifts are equipped with regenerative technology, able to generate electricity while moving. Energy, rather than being dissipated into heat, as happens with traditional lifts, is transferred to the grid and reused by other airport facilities, reducing consumption by 40% compared to conventional systems, in line with the provisions of the Airport Carbon Accreditation policy, a European initiative adhered to by SEA, achieving the highest level of airport certification: neutrality. All systems are Class A certified (corresponding to the German VDI 4707 standard) .

As of today, therefore, Malpensa passengers have 4 new panoramic lifts at their disposal for greater fluidity in the transport of passengers from the car parks or railway station to the arrivals level or check in area and vice versa.

The 2 pairs of lifts, one located on the North side of Terminal 1 and the other on the South side, are entirely in glass to provide a panoramic view from the inside and the doors have LED indicators to show the direction of travel. In addition, on the inside there is a 32" monitor for multimedia communications.

The tender for the Panoramic lifts and the multi-floor car park was awarded to ATI Taddei SpA (L’Aquila)/Di vincenzo (Pescara).

The technology is entirely Italian, the manufacturer and installer is the Millepiani s.c.a.r.l. Group of Solaro (MI).

SEA has invested 4,550,340 euros in the systems.


Lift details 
Transport speed1.75 m/s for a total of 7,200 people/hour
Lift capacity3,500kg, 46 people, for a total of 184 people
Motor power55 kW for each system (permanent magnet high performance gearless motor which does not require maintenance)
Floors served3 (floor -1: railway station; floor 0: arrivals floor; floor 1:Check in floor)
Doors17.52mm thick shatterproof full glass, resisting up to 3,000kg
Site History 
Value of works€ 4,550,340.06
Duration of works387 days (from 16-3-2011 to 5-4-2012)
Site personnel6,779 men/day