SEA offers subvention for revision courses for students in their last secondary school year or in their first two high school years

A new project bringing educational and territorial organizations together for students in the Malpensa CUV municipalities. 

Milan, 13 April 2011 – Within the framework agreement for the integration of local and educational institutions in the areas of Linate and Malpensa signed last year by SEA Aeroporti di Milano and the Schools Office of the Region of Lombardy, today Giuseppe Bonomi, Chairman of SEA Aeroporti di Milano, Claudio Merletti, Head of the Local Schools Office of Varese and Guido Colombo, President of the Malpensa CUV (Voluntary Urban Committee), presented a new educational project to support students and directed to the schools of the municipalities around Malpensa.

This initiative strengthens SEA’s commitment to the territory. Revision courses will be financed and activated for students living in the territory (CUV municipalities) and attending the 3rd year at secondary school or the 1st or 2nd year at high school. SEA Aeroporti di Milano, in close cooperation with the Local Schools Office of Varese and the Voluntary Urban Committee of the municipalities around Malpensa, will finance this revision course project before the end of the 2010/2011 school year.

“With this minor initiative – says Giuseppe Bonomi, Chairman of SEA Aeroporti di Milano – SEA wishes to continue its process of continuous integration between the airport and the territory, well aware that each is an important resource for the other and that cooperation could trigger virtuous advantages for both. Through dialogue and cooperation, SEA and all the subjects involved – in this case, specifically, the Head of the Provincial Schools Office of Varese representing the educational side and the CUV representing the local public administration – pinpointed a deeply felt need in quite a few families and implemented a new project.”

303 students in their last year at secondary school will be supported in Italian, Maths and English. 225 high school students will be able to benefit from revision courses in English.

This is just another project on the starting line. Others have already been implemented after signing the agreement with the Lombardy Regional Schools Office in 2010, such as “OLGA” (General Airport Logistics Organization) for higher technical training in cooperation with the airports of Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo or the SEA-Lufthansa men’s football and women’s volleyball tournaments for students in Como, Milan, Monza e Brianza, Novara, Varese and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola.

On the whole, this initiative helps consolidate a broader-spanning SEA strategy geared to fostering economic and social growth and excellence in the territory around Malpensa. The initial focus of the investment is on younger citizens.