Shareholders’ AGM approves SEA Group consolidated financial statements and SEA S.p.A. separate financial statements

Milan, April 30, 2015 - The Shareholders’ AGM, meeting today at the registered offices in Linate and chaired by Pietro Modiano, reviewed and approved the 2014 Separate Financial Statements of SEA S.p.A. and the 2014 Consolidated Financial Statements of the SEA Group.

The Group Key Financial Highlights for 2014 - improving on 2013 - were:

Revenues: Euro 685.1 million, up 6.1%

EBITDA: Euro 205.9 million, up 12.6%

Group Net Profit: Euro 54.9 million, improving 62.7%

Group Net Debt: Euro 571.2 million, increasing Euro 83.4 million on 2013, impacted significantly by the commercial aviation Handling restructuring.

The Shareholders’ AGM in addition approved the distribution a dividend of Euro 0.2037 per share, for a total of Euro 50,925,000.00, corresponding to a pay out of 90.3% of the Net Profit of SEA S.p.A.. The Net Profit in 2014 totaled Euro 56.4 million, up 8%.

Finally, the AGM also appointed Armando Brunini and Stefano Mion as Directors, in replacement of the resigning Mauro Maia and Renato Ravasio.

The Board of Directors, meeting after the AGM, appointed Armando Brunini as Vice-Chairman of the Company.