Airport fees

Charges applicable to airports managed by SEA Aeroporti in Milan are regulated by ENAC.
Click on the link below to download full details on the tariffs relating to airport charges for Milano Malpensa and Milano Linate, as well as fees for the use of centralized infrastructure at the two airports.

For examples of tariff application or further information please contact:

Tel: (+39) 02 7486 3703

Price list 2020

Operations Client Management

The allocation of Linate and Malpensa airport premises to Airline Carriers is regulated by specific commercial agreements.
Click on the links below to download the documentation relevant to these agreements.

Airport Regulations Linate
Airport Regulation Malpensa
Service Charter Linate
Service Charter Malpensa
Code of Conduct
Fire Prevention Regulations

Airlines Startup

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Aviation Business Development

Aviation Business Development works with passenger and cargo carriers to explore new market opportunities and establish lasting and profitable partnerships between airlines and the Airport Operator.

Below is a list of Aviation contacts:

SEA Group Policy for the development of traffic at Malpensa airport

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Post Covid-19 commercial policy for Malpensa airport traffic development

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Milano Malpensa Facts & Figures

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Click here to download the leaflet
Click here to download the leaflet (Chinese version)

The following links provide further information on our airports:

Airlines - Malpensa
Airlines - Linate
Flight schedules - Malpensa
Flight schedules - Linate 

To receive further details on these initiatives and statistical/demographic studies please contact:
Tel: (+39) 02 7486 3703