The Board of Directors has established Committees with guidance and advisory functions, determining for each the number of members and responsibilities.

With specific resolutions, and in compliance with the Self-Regulatory Code adopted by the Italian Stock Exchange, the Board of Directors has established:

For reasons of simplification and efficiency of the governance structure, the Company has deemed it appropriate to exercise the right allowed by the Self-Regulatory Code to group in a single Committee the functions of the Appointments Committee and the Remuneration Committee, and to extend the functions of the Control and Risk Committee to the sustainability matters.

Composition, functioning and duties

The Committees consist exclusively of non-executive directors without operative powers of attorney; they go about their business through meetings of which the relevant minutes are prepared and kept on the Company’s files.

The duties assigned to said Committees are those envisaged by applicable legislation and the Self-Regulatory Code adopted by the Italian Stock Exchange and are specified in the resolution constituting them.