Infrastructural services development

SEA’s ongoing projects are inspired by best practices and abide by International Airport Legislation.



It all began in 1971 when S.E.A. SpA, who has managed Milano Malpensa (since 1948) and Milano Linate (since 1955), first set up S.E.A. Consulting.

The new Company was not simply a technical branch of the parent organization, but is actively capable of applying its own wealth of experience to planning, constructing and managing airports both in Italy and abroad (Portugal, Thailand, Africa, The United States and Latin America).

In 1973 S.E.A. Consulting became ItalAirport, the only Italian engineering firm whose activities entirely revolved around airport engineering.

In the Eighties its team of architects and engineers, together with Boston’s MIT, drew up the Master Plan for Malpensa 2000, the new hub airport inaugurated in 1998.

The company executed many projects both in Italy and worldwide: Albania, Angola, Bosnia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guinea-Conakry, Libya, Montserrat, Morocco, Poland, Perù, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Somalia, Uruguay, Linate, Malpensa, Naples, Pisa, Brindisi and Reggio Calabria.

Following an intense period focused on the vast Milan Malpensa 2000 Project and the subsequent completion of the EXPO phase of Terminal 1 in 2015, SEA is now in a position to offer its complete array of services, which span from feasibility studies to final and detailed design, from environmental impact assessment to definition of business plans and to the development of financial facts and figures aimed at maximum gain.


Airport planning

•Business risks and opportunities (Country, market, financial background)
•Network (agreements, alliances, disputes)
•Demand analysis/Air traffic forecast (catchment area, market, capacity)
•Business development
•Master Plan
•Environmental and social impact analysis
•Airport management (production drivers, equipment, production standard process, capacity analysis and bottlenecks, life cicle of the assets)
•Business evaluation
•Third parties capital
•Investors policy
•Valuation quality system

Airport engineering and architecture

•Project management
•Feasibility study, concept, preliminary and detailed design
•Topography and geotechnics
•Pavements (runways, taxiways, aprons)
•Passenger buildings
•Airport operation and support facilities
•Baggage handling
Cargo infrastructures
•Landside access infrastructures design
•Air and ground navigation and traffic control aids

Airport project and construction management

•Procurement/tenders organization and follow up
•Project and investment planning/schedules
•Quality assistance/control
•Cost control
•Commissioning, as-built documents and start-up
•Construction management

Additional consulting service

•PPP – Public Private Partnership
•Advisory for civil aviation and airport authorities
•Training of qualified personnel
•Selecting airport equipment
•Software for automating passenger and cargo services
Environmental management (specifically noise, water, water footprint, energy, CO2 emission, carbon footprint, airport carbon accreditation) and airport safety
•Energy cogeneration system


This page provides a list of the most significant projects. For further details, please click on the reds.




Kerman Airport - Iran New Passenger Terminal and car park Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company, Tehran (IRAN) giu-16 in prog. Concept design 1,000,000 30,000,000
Linate Airport New Master Plan S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) 2016 in prog. Airport master plan and feasibility studies of the main works 600 800,000,000
Mehrabad Airport - Iran New Passenger Terminal and multi-storey park Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company, Tehran (IRAN) mar-16 apr-16 Concept design = 225,000,000
Malpensa Airport North Apron Maintenance and Upgrading S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) ott-15 in prog. Final design,and detailed design 267 5,000,000
Malpensa Airport Reconfiguration of the de-icing area S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) mag-15 in prog. Preliminary design, detailed design and works supervision 369 6,700,000
Malpensa Airport Cargo City – New Warehouse for FEDEX S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) gen-15 in prog. Preliminary design, final design, detailed design and works supervision 634 15,000,000
Milan Malpensa Airport - Railway link between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (lot2) and new railway station (lot1) S.E.A. S.p.A. Aeroporto Milano Linate, 20090 Segrate (MI) - Ferrovienord S.p.A. apr-11 in prog. Planning and feasibility study (lot1+lot2); conceptual and preliminary design (lot1);  final and detailed design (lot1) 870 (lot1) 140,000,000  (lot1 + lot2)
Malpensa Airport Development Plan of air cargo facilities S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) gen-08 in prog. Preliminary, detailed and final design; works supervision 3,400,000 97,000,000
Linate Airport New electrical substation “D” S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) nov-11 mar-16 Detailed design and works supervision 205 1,700,000
Linate Airport New Hangar next to the General Aviation Apron SEA Prime (subsidiary of S.E.A. S.p.A.) feb-15 set-15 Preliminary design and final design 193 5,000,000
Linate Airport Restyling of the General Aviation Terminal SEA Prime (subsidiary of S.E.A. S.p.A.) ott-14 set-15 Final design, detailed design and works supervision 190 1,600,000
Malpensa Airport Completion of Terminal 1 main building and  new  satellite “North”  S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) gen-03 apr-15 Preliminary, detailed and final design; works supervision 24,500,000 300,000,000
Cluj-Napoca International Airport (Romania)- Studies for developing the intermodal passenger and freight transport infrastructure Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport - Romania giu-13 nov-14 Transport policy; airport planning; infrastructure engineering experts; financial and economic experts; power plant experts 1,560,000 140,000,000
Malpensa Airport Taxiway W lighting system maintenance and upgrading to ICAO cod. F standards S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) dic-13 giu-14 Design and  works supervision  60 3,200,000
Railway link between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (PPP MxpT2Link-up) S.E.A. S.p.A. – Ferrovienord S.p.A. Regione Lombardia giu-12 ott-13 Financial evaluation and risk assessment; demand survey analysis 600  
Linate Airport Pavement rehabilitation Taxiway “G”, “T”,”E” and portion of runway 18/36 S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) nov-12 set-13 Final design and works supervision  80 3,400,000
Malpensa Airport New cargo apron S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) set-09 lug-13 Final design and works supervision 600 22,000,000
Malpensa Airport Runway 17L/35R maintenance and upgrading S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) feb-12 giu-13 Detailed and final design; works supervsion 460 20,000,000
Malpensa Airport New Master Plan and Environmental Impact Assessment S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) feb-08 nov-12 Airport master plan; feasibility studies and preliminary design of main works; environmental impact assessment. 2,500,000 2,000,000,000
Malpensa Airport Third runway S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) mar-11 dic-11 Location study and  preliminary design 2,000,000 120,000,000
Malpensa Airport North apron maintenance and upgrading S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) giu-09 lug-11 Detailed and final design; works supervision 500 25,500,000
Linate Airport New car park building S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) 2006 2011 Preliminary, detailed and final design; works supervision 1,300,000 28,000,000
Sarajevo International Apt (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Master Plan P.C. Sarajevo International Airport L.L.C. apr-09 dic-09 Airport master plan; feasibility studies and environmental impact assessment 200 25,000,000
Malpensa Airport New taxiway “H” S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) gen-06 giu-09 Feasibility study; preliminary, detailed and construction design; works supervision 1,000,000 30,000,000
Malpensa Airport Taxiway W extension S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) gen-05 dic-05 Design and  works supervision  250 11,141,000
Malpensa Airport New parking and service road S.E.A. S.p.A. 20090 Segrate (MI) nov-04 mag-05 Design and  works supervision 95 4,200,000


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