SEA and the schools

SEA has always been committed to exchanging views with educational institutions aimed at creating opportunities that support employment.

The goal is to improve the effectiveness of exchanges between the concerned geographical area and the airport aimed at mutual growth, not just economic, but also social, cultural, and educational.

Alternating between School and Work

SEA is offering fourth-year secondary school students, particularly those attending Licei Classici, Scientifici or Linguistici, the chance to undertake a School-Work Learning experience.
In the first edition, which took place in the 2016/17 school year and was called “Un banco in aeroporto” [A desk in the airport], included two classroom sessions and a period of summer work experience lasting three weeks at Linate and Malpensa from early June.
The initiative sees SEA employees who are parents go into their children’s schools to promote the opportunity.
The project fits into the wider “Future Lab” initiative, which is part of the package of welfare services SEA offers its employees, helping to develop the skills of their children and provide them with career opportunities.