Work in SEA

Expertise, sense of belonging and passion for quality of service are the key factors based on which SEA wishes to manage and develop business.

The people play a fundamental role for SEA. In each business area, the expertise gained and the ability to offer a high level of service to customers are elements of success for SEA’s business development and management.

Every person, through their job, sense of belonging, and passion for quality of service, can be essential to the company’s success and future challenges; the central role played by the people appears in every business function, and in every professional family.

For this reason SEA built a professional system based on the people’s jobs and, thanks to their contribution through meetings and projects, SEA could establish a repertory of responsibilities that values the human capital through the census, development and educational growth of professional expertise and skills within the airport system.

The figures of the professional system

27 professional families
133 skilled jobs
865 competences recorded