Certification and Standards

SEA airports obtain Impaired Mobility Passenger assistance certification

The process for the certification of airport assistance services to impaired mobility passengers, initiated by SEA to improve disabled users’ level of satisfaction with the airports it operates, was successfully completed in 2011 with the certifying body TÜV Italia issuing a TÜV IT 005 MS certificate.

In addition to SEA, a Technical Committee was also involved in the process to obtain the service certification, which was based on Technical Regulations in accordance with UNI CEI EN Standard 45011; the Committee, chaired by Professor Mario Melazzini (coordinator of the Technical Focus Group on Disability of the Lombardy Region) was composed of the leading disability advocacy associations (LEDHA and FAND) and of the Malpensa Users Committee, representing the airlines and handlers operating in Milan airports. The Technical Committee validated the Technical Regulations, under which SEA commits to maintain in its Linate and Malpensa airports service levels that are even higher than those required by European regulations.

EMAS Certification for SEA Energia

By obtaining the EMAS registration for both its cogeneration plants within the Linate and Malpensa airport grounds, SEA Energia has achieved a new environmental excellence goal. EC Regulation 761/ 2001 introduced the European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) with a view to promoting the voluntary rationalisation of organisations’ environmental management capabilities, based not only on compliance with statutory limits, but also, and most importantly, on the continuous improvement of their environmental performance, the creation of a new trusting relationship with the authorities and the public, and the active participation of employees. SEA Energia had already put in place an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System .

ISO 14001 environmental certification

Confirming the Company’s focus on the different aspects of the interaction with the environment around Milan airports, initiatives have been conducted among all personnel to raise awareness about SEA’s effort to recognize environmental protection as one of its distinctive features; on 14 April 2006 the Company obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification, which was extended in March 2009 for a further three year period. The Environmental Management System adopted by SEA allows the organisation to develop an environmental policy in accordance with applicable legislation; to identify, monitor and improve issues related to Company operations, and to prevent and address any environmental emergencies. In this perspective, SEA’s Environmental Management System is constantly in effect, interfacing cooperatively with all internal and external entities with environmental responsibilities.

OHSAS 18001 Project

In November 2012 SEA received from TUV Italia certification of its Workplace Health and Safety Management System in line with the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 regulation, as established by Article 30 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 for effective organisational models in line with Legislative Decree 231/2001. Certification was achieved following a process which involved a number of phases, both documental and operative, involving all company operational units.
The achievement of this objective, in addition to confirming the particular focus of the Company on workplace safety, validates the path taken, which seeks to continually improve health and safety conditions through the promotion of a culture based upon the improved knowledge and involvement of all parties involved, at all levels, on prevention issues.