Materiality Matrix

The starting point in our process of identifying the materiality matrix is represented by business challenges defining our medium-term horizon.

Medium term business challenges

The items characterizing the relationship with our stakeholders were identified between 2012 and 2013, when we launched a number of initiatives to survey the "stakeholder voice".

Subsequently, the identified items were weighed through a survey conducted in 2013, involving a total of 111 subjects, of which 80 external stakeholders and 31 SEA managers (14 executives and 17 managers).
Overall, 45 items were submitted for sampling, distributed in four categories, corresponding to business challenges.
Both stakeholders and SEA management being surveyed assessed all items based on two dimensions of impact:

  • importance according to their expectations;
  • usefulness/consistency with SEA's business challenges.

Materiality Matrix

Allocation of materiality issues to business chellenges