Corporate Citizenship

SEA main purpose is to develop infrastructures in harmomious relashionship with the environment, in a spirit of corporate citizenship.

SEA is constantly striving for building harmonious relationships with the surrounding area hosting our infrastructures.
We have defined a policy on "Corporate Citizenship", whose fundamentals are:

  • relevance of corporate citizenship is defined by the intensity of its connection with corporate strategy and not by the amount of resources employed;
  • corporate citizenship activities are carried out responding to the need to protect the rights of:
    • shareholders, in terms of the most correct, efficient and profitable use of the resources managed by company;
    • non-profit stakeholders, regarding the need for transparency and objectivity of the criteria with which the company chooses partners for social investments;
    • the company itself, in terms of credibility and reputation regarding its ability to be transparent about mechanisms for accepting contribution requests from non-profit world;
  • our corporate citizenship core activities are represented by the funded project, whose credentials (completeness, endorsement by national and international institutions, scalability, clarity of objectives, measurability, accountability) must be added to those of its proponents;
  • we favour projects that are consistent with the identity, features and distinctive factors of SEA, which plays an active role (not mere contributor, but partner) in managing the initiative. Factors considered important in choosing a project therefore include the ability to mobilize corporate community participation, as well as the opportunity to reconcile needs in the airports' local area with international scenarios.

According to this attitude, SEA has invested in 2018 about 100,000 € in corporate citizenships activities.