Sustainability governance model

The Group’s strategic vision is inspired by criteria of sustainable value generation considered in its multidimensionality (economic, environmental and social) and from a perspective based on mutual reinforcement of components.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy aims to enhance relational dynamics between our organization and its stakeholders, thus becoming -more than just recipients of a share of value generated by the company- true qualified contributors of the key strategic business choices having significant impact on the context they belong to.

Such goal is the best answer to the deep and delicate interdependencies of choices and decisions of companies such as SEA. Called to design, implement and manage aviation transport infrastructure, the choices SEA makes have a strong impact on its medium- to long-term results.

SEA's sustainability governance model

The SEA Corporate Social Responsibility function was set up in 2011 with the purpose of overseeing the management of stakeholder relationships and ensuring that it supports achievement of the business objectives. As of 2019, the department reports to the Chief Financial and Risk Officer. The planning and decision-making governance in relation to sustainable development was assigned from 2012 to the Group Sustainability Committee, as part of the company Steering Process, with the following objectives:

    • to analyse the guidelines for the development, the implementation and the monitoring of sustainability policies to be integrated into our business model;
    • to assess the objectives and methods of involving stakeholders, by profiling them, in order to define corporate choices and their related implementation;
    • to discuss and participate in the definition of the reporting model integrated with sustainability performances;
    • to monitor the development of the significant corporate performance indicators in terms of sustainability and to propose any corrective actions.

    Up to 2018, the Group Sustainability Committee, presided by the Chairman and conducting four-monthly meetings, involved the participation of the 3 Company Chiefs and the Managers of the departments within their scope. In 2018 the Group Sustainability Committee held 3 meetings.