Sustainability governance model

The Group’s strategic vision is inspired by criteria of sustainable value generation considered in its multidimensionality (economic, environmental and social) and from a perspective based on mutual reinforcement of components.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy aims to enhance relational dynamics between our organization and its stakeholders, thus becoming -more than just recipients of a share of value generated by the company- true qualified contributors of the key strategic business choices having significant impact on the context they belong to.

Such goal is the best answer to the deep and delicate interdependencies of choices and decisions of companies such as SEA. Called to design, implement and manage aviation transport infrastructure, the choices SEA makes have a strong impact on its medium- to long-term results.

SEA's sustainability governance model

Corporate Social Responsibility was set up at SEA in 2011, reporting directly to CCO, with the aim of managing relations with stakeholders and making them functional to business goals.

Decision-making and planning governance of sustainable development has been entrusted to the Group Sustainability Committee since 2012, integrated in the Steering Process with the following aims:

    • analyse the guidelines for development, implementation and monitoring of sustainability policies to be integrated into our business model;
    • according to main stakeholders features, find objectives and methods for their involvement in defining the company's choices and their implementation;
    • discuss and participate in defining the integrated reporting model of sustainability performance;
    • monitor corporate performance indicators that are relevant to sustainability and propose any corrective action.

    Group's Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Chairman and convened quarterly and it is attended by the three corporate Chiefs and the Heads of the Departments/Functions that report to them directly.