Economic sustainability

SEA Group strategy is pursued through a partition of activities in business units, each characterized by specific expertise and operational processes to maximize the Group operational efficiency.

Air transport offer

The Milan metropolitan area ranks ninth in Europe by total air transport offerings at 42.4 million ASKs (available seat kilometres) supplied each year. ASKs correspond to the total seats available on each flight, multiplied by the number of kilometres flown: a measure of an airport's capacity in terms of passenger transport supply. The overall airport system – inclusive of Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio – offered 27.4 million seats.

Air transport supply in the Milan metropolitan area

Malpensa airport ranked sixth in Europe (after London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Zurich) in terms of the weight of ASKs relating to non-EU destinations out of the total ASKs offered. Destinations lying outside Europe accounted for 71.7% of Malpensa's weighted offerings.

Direct competition

Analyzing the level of dependence of European airports on particular airlines (under the Herfindahl-Hirschman - HHI concentration index, which reaches a value of 11 thousand where the offer of an airport is completely handled by a single airline), it emerged that Malpensa airport is the European medium-large airport (second overall after Venice) with the lowest level of dependence on a single airline. This sets it apart from other Continental airports such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris or Vienna, where the principal airline accounts for around 50% of ASKs.

Linate airport shows a higher traffic concentration level than Malpensa owing to the significant presence of Alitalia, which is responsible for approximately 56.8% of the total ASKs. In Italy, the airport where the largest share of ASKs held by a single carrier is Bergamo: approximately 77.9% of supply is attributable to Ryanair.

Direct competition development at Milan Malpensa

Direct competition development at Milan Malpensa

Indirect competition

The indirect competition concerns the competition for the capture of the same catchment area by air services offered in neighboring and alternative airports.

The level of indirect competition refers to each route offered by a specific airport for which alternative routes are offered by other airports close to that considered, for neighboring destinations or on similar routes.

Indirect competition at Malpensa