Distinguishing expertise

The search for excellence in process management in SEA means not to settle for ourselves and to require to the company and to ourselves whatever is needed to constantly overcome our abilities.
Cultivating excellence means taking on the challenge of a job well done every day, the result of a conscious attitude towards our task, well-directed towards achieving our own objectives and our shared goals.
We believe we have hit the target of excellence when:

  • we succeed in combining the generation of economic value with that of public utility, underpinned by management and development of efficient, functional, accessible and inclusive airport infrastructures;
  • we subject our choices to a careful environmental impact assessment and we engage in international research and partnership programmes to identify and design innovative solutions for reducing natural resource consumption and limiting emissions;
  • we pursue innovation to respond to the growing complexity that characterizes business manage¬ment, raising business risk;
  • we seek efficiency, intended as a focus on the best use of corporate resources and the identification of the best conditions for their use.

Implementation of sustainable management practices also goes hand in hand with a broad set of certified ma-nagement systems, which encompass the areas of quality, safety, environment and social aspect.

Certified management systems