Economic footprint

SEA Group is a fundamental driver of development for Lombardy region.

This is true particularly for municipalities neighbouring the airports, which benefit in a continuous and stable way from economic advantages provided by the employment and by the distribution of the added value perceived by SEA employees’ families and by other companies and entities operating within the airport system.

There is no doubt that Milan airport system has been acting as a capital attractor, job gen¬erator, and activator or catalyst of investment initiatives for the whole territory.

Its role as an extraordinary driver in some specific economic sectors such as tourism, logistics, transport and trade is also evident.

Socio-economic impact of Malpensa airport

SEA has drawn up a platform of socio-economic impact indicators generated in Lombardy Region, in Province of Varese and in the neighbouring hinterland of Malpensa airport.
Repercussions of airport activity on the business system, labour market, specialization model, competitiveness and attractiveness of local area, its propensity to innovate and the tax revenue collected to varying degrees by local Public Administrations have been assessed.

Direct on-site impact

In 2016, there are 546 business activities at Malpensa Airport . The list of activities taken into account corresponds to the list of compa¬nies requesting badge issues to operate within airport terminal.

  • Employment dimension
    Local distribution of direct employment repercussions generated by Malpensa Airport was analysed by reclas¬sifying the badges issued to employees based on their municipality of residence in the 2014-2016 three-year period. This analysis shows that over 70% of those employed are resident in Lombardy, over 6% in the neighbouring Province of Novara, and about 20% are resident outside the region. Almost half workers are employed in Province of Varese, where Malpensa Airport is based, while CUV municipal¬ities account for 17-18% of the employment generated by airport.
  • Created production
    The value of on-site activities pro¬duction is about 3,660 billion Euro, of which 9.8 % is directly attributable to SEA.

Direct off-site impact

To calculate the indirect off-site effects, the Research Centre LIUC has conducted a survey addressed to passengers about money spent in facilities. Typologies of expenses considered are transportation, food and accommodation, shopping, entertainment and leisure

  • Total value
    Total value (direct, indirect and induced) of the production generated through airport activities at Malpensa totals euro 5,5 billion, while employment created exceeds 27,000 jobs.