Climate change

With regard to carbon dioxide emissions, SEA is committed to maintaining the neutrality level achieved through

  • constant and effective process rationalisation
  • use of renewable energy sources
  • purchase of carbon offsets

In 2009 ACI Europe (Airport Council International), in order to promote the contribution of the airports towards the fight against climate change, launched an initiative called Airport Carbon Accreditation: the project required the introduction of a series of actions for the control and reduction of direct and indirect CO2 emissions by airport managers, operators, aircraft and by all those working within the airport system.

The Airport Carbon Accreditation established four possible levels for accreditation:

  • Mapping - checking of emissions under the direct control of the airport manager (scope 1 and 2);
  • Reduction - creation of an emission reduction plan (scope 1 and 2);
  • Optimization - calculation of the emissions produced by the airport stakeholders and their involvement in the reduction plans (scope 3);
  • Neutrality - the achievement of Carbon Neutrality in terms of emissions under the direct control of the airport operator (Scopes 1 and 2), with the purchase of offsets.

In 2017, SEA confirmed its European leadership positioning for both Linate and Malpensa airports within the 3+ neutrality grouping, together with 29 other airports, of which 2 Italian (Rome and Venice), representing 20% of European traffic.