Family Audit

Family Audit is an important certification qualifying an organization’s commitment to a favourable work-life balance of its employees and is a registered trademark owned by the autonomous Province of Trento which is the certifying body.

The Family Audit standard is a tool adopted on a voluntary basis by organizations aiming to promote a corporate cultural shift through personnel management policies focused on the well-being of employees and their families. Through the direct involvement of its employees, the Company identifies solutions improving the needs of work-life balance.

The tool aims to increase corporate wellbeing, strengthen its image and identity and increase productivity and satisfaction of its employees. Since 2016, SEA has involved employees and managers to carry out analysis and solutions to improve work and family life management, taking into consideration a variety of family types. A three-year platform comprising 28 conciliation measures was drawn up relating to work flexibility and the culture of conciliation which can be referred to different macro-scopes: corporate welfare/people caring, work organization, new technologies, communication, territorial welfare and corporate culture/diversity and equality.

In February 2017, SEA obtained a Basic Certification, undertaking, in the three-year period 2017-19, to carry out and deploy the planned activities according to the progress steps of the work plan.