B2B Clients

Aviation Clients

Passenger carriers


  • 110 airlines
  • All major carrier alliances are present
  • Connections with 187 domestic and international destinations
Malpensa - Top 10 passenger carriers (%on No.of passengers)


  • 18 airlines
  • Alitalia accounts for 57.3 % of the traffic
  • Connections with 45 domestic and intra-EU destinations
Linate - Top 10 passenger carriers (% on No.of passengers)

Cargo Carriers

  • 17 airlines
  • 68% of total transported cargo is subdivided between 13 airlines
Malpensa - Volumes moved by the main cargo carriers (tons)

Relation Policies with Carriers

In 2016, our aviation sales policy at Malpensa was aimed at increasing airline connectivity to local service. As such, it was directed at acquiring new carriers and developing activities of those already operating in airports. A particular effort was made to develop Schengen traffic at Terminal 1 through new partnerships with low-cost carriers.

Sales policy involves constant contact with airlines, pursuit of new development opportunities with specific marketing tools (welcome packages, communication ini¬tiatives, participation in international events), and taking part in negotiations to revise Bilateral Agreements with a view to pursuing a wider liberalization of traffic rights, including fifth freedom rights.

The growth at Malpensa was partly driven by Ryanair’s investments (73% of the growth, equal to 630,000 pas¬sengers) and by other carriers, including Vueling, Meridiana, Flybe and Latam, which recorded the highest growth in absolute terms. At Terminal 2, EasyJet invested with a 3.5% capacity growth and 0.5% transported growth, expanding its network with 8 new destinations.

Alitalia continued its streamlining strategy at Malpensa, exiting completely from short-medium-haul market (cancelling Malpensa-Fiumicino from February 2017) and keeping the long-haul flights to New York, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. Despite the crisis, Turkish Airlines maintained the product structure of four daily flights to Istanbul, but reduced the unit capacity of aircraft and frequencies to Sabiha Gokcen secondary airport. Four new carriers started operating at Malpensa during 2016: Croatia Airlines (Zagreb), Ellinair (Thessaloniki), Atlasglobal (Istanbul) and Fly Ernest (Tirana). 13 new destinations have been added. Among these, 9 are European (Lille, Krakow, Lourdes, Zagreb, Thessaloniki, Alicante, Kalamata, Podgorica, Sibiu) and 4 are non-European (Annaba, Lagos, Accra, Kutaisi). Among the main increases in frequencies: Air Canada (from 5 weekly flights to daily), Singapore Airlines (from 5 to 6 weekly flights), Air India (from 3 to 4 weekly flights), Aeroflot (from 3 to 4 daily frequencies). Emirates continued to invest in Malpensa, positioning A380 on Dubai’s second daily frequency starting in October (in addition to the flight to New York).

Retail Customers

  • 129 points of sale to public, corresponding to 16,604 m2 of shopping space 
  • 61 cafés and restaurants, occupying a surface area of 11,516 m2

Relation Policies with Retailers

  • Non Aviation business activities, not directly carried out by SEA, are regulated by special contracts signed with third parties, according to which we allow the organization and management of activities, as well as the use of airport spaces necessary to carry out all activities. These contracts have variable length (averaging 3 years) and do not allow tacit renewals;
  • The will to meet the needs of different types of passengers and users passing through airports has led not only to the introduction of innovative sale models and to the expansion of the brand portfolio operating at Milan airports, but also to using analytic tools (including customer profiling, specific marketing plans and quality control systems) to help identify and better meet customer needs;
  • The modernization strategy has led to a deployment of e-commerce services: through a web portal it is now possibile to buy services to passengers through a multi-site platform.

Mystery Shopping - Average perceived quality value by type of business

Mystery Shopping - Average perceived quality (scale 1-100)