Our people

As at December 31, 2017, the total human resources of the group amounted to 2,800 employees (2,837 including temporary staff), down by 50 employees since the end of 2016 (-1.8%). Women represented 28.4% of employees, predominately concentrated in administrative and front-end roles, and distributed as follows: 3.8% executives-managers, 23.0% white-collar, 1.7% blue-collar. The predominance of men in manual roles is motivated by specific legislation on airport operations, which penalizes women over men.

Health and Safety

Analysis of accidents in 2016 shows that: there is significant relative incidence of injuries on the way to work, equal to 33% of total injuries, compared to a national average of 11%. This discrepancy, rather than an actual explosion in the number of cases, is determined by the relatively low number of injuries at work compared to the total, a situation that has existed for some years already;

  • of the workplace injuries, only approx. 40% of cases; significantly down on the previous year (-30%) are directly linked to specific work activities, whereas the remainder are related to general scenarios which have very little or nothing to do with the work carried out by the operators/employees, and which are predominantly related to walking about (trips, slips, sprains, bumps, etc..);
  • among injuries relating to work operations, cases were particularly varied and substantially due to conduct errors not indicating unresolved risk situations