SEA Group aims to ensure continuous improvement of services provided to customers.

SEA Group aims to ensure continuous improvement of services provided to customers, both directly managed by SEA as well as by other independent companies operating on airport premises and affecting the customer experience.

For this reason, SEA regularly joins the Customer Satisfaction Programme, supported by ACI (Airport Council International) Europe, known as Airport Service Quality.

Efficiency of airport services, both in terms of check-in, security control and baggage delivery waiting times - as well as staff courtesy - are the aspects passengers most appreciate in our airports. Compared to the average European trend, passengers in Milan airports show, in absolute terms, particular appreciation for the availability of car parks, shops and restaurants, with reference not only to the width of the offer but also value for money.

SEA objective in the coming years is to consolidate its reputation among Milan airports users, working on all aspects less related to the operational process and more pertinent to comfort and “traveller experience”, where Milan is evaluated less positively than the major European airports of reference.

Certified Quality Management Systems

Since 1995, SEA has set up its own Quality Management System which has enabled the company to direct corporate decisions concerning the review of airport processes/services.

This process has led SEA to achieve the following quality certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, quality management systems
  • SERVICE CERTIFICATION, the process applied to the assistance, within the airport, of passengers with reduced mobility
  • D-4001:2008, accessibility to areas provided to passengers with mobility difficulties

Quality of service provided to passengers

At Malpensa, punctuality of departing flights for 2016 reached 82.8%, with a punctuality recovery (difference between arrival and departure punctu¬ality) of 2.7 points. Breakdown by terminal shows similar performance: Terminal 1 closes the period with a departure punctuality of 82.3% (+2.6% of recovery), and Terminal 2 closes with 84% (+2.8% of recovery).

Again this year, baggage delivery times achieve values well beyond the levels stated in the Service Charter at all terminals, despite tighter standards compared to the previous year (90% of cases).

At Terminal 1, delivery of the first bag within 23 minutes was achieved for 93.9% of flights, while delivery of the last bag within 36 minutes was achieved for 94.0%.

At Terminal 2, delivery of the first bag within 26 minutes was achieved for 97.8% of flights, while delivery of the last bag within 37 minutes was achieved in 99.3% of cases.

Number of misdirected bags (every 1,000 passengers)

Board of Conciliation with the CRCU

SEA, aware of problems that may occur at its airports, sometimes creating financial damage to customers, has stipulated an agreement for the establishment of a “Conciliation Board”, active since May 2010, with Consumer Associations belonging to the Regional Committee for the protection of Consumer and User Rights (CRCU). More specifically, the board features the following associations: Acu, Adiconsum, Adoc, Adusbef, Altroconsumo, Assoconsum, AssoUtenti, Casa del Consumatore, Cittadinanzattiva, Codacons, Codici, Confconsumatori, Coniacut, Federconsumatori, Lega Consumatori, Movimento Difesa del Cittadino, Movimento Consumatori, Unione Consumatori.

This board can be queried by those not satisfied with the complaint resolutions arranged by SEA and processes cases requiring compensation for financial damages claimed by passengers using airport infrastructures or services operated or provided by SEA.

In 2013, no passenger made use of the opportunity offered by the Conciliation Board. Discussion with Consumer Associations has highlighted the current complaints handling system by SEA, also in the presence of low finantial damage, is linear and responsive to passengers, to the point of eliminating situations of conflict.