Sustainability Way

SEA Group's strategic vision draws inspiration from criteria emphasizing a sustainable generation of value according to its 3 components: economic, environmental and social.

Our strategic vision is inspired by criteria of sustainable value generation. This is considered in its multidimensionality (economic, environmental and social) and from a perspective based on mutual reinforcement of components.

We, therefore, define our strategies so that resources, actions and tools focused on social and environmental scope, can be classified as investments, thus supporting a proper management of risk and company growth.

SEA pursues a strategy of creating value, protecting shareholders’ return on capital, based on the following principles:

    • prioritizing choices that help grow the Company’s value in the medium to long term;
    • constantly striving to align financial objectives with the quality of the connectivity offer delivered to the region, due to the public interest role underpinning the role carried out;
    • careful systematic analyses and assessments of both strategic and operational risks;
    • support for systematic interaction with stakeholders for the definition and the implementation of our development plans, whilst seeking to create widespread benefits and minimizing negative externalities.

In its role as a public transport infrastructure manager, SEA is committed to acquiring the issues concerning the interests and expectations of its stakeholders in a planned and structured manner, and to correctly evaluating and including them in its decision-making process.

This is applicable to extension works at terminals, in making available spaces and services to airport operators and in ensuring the maximum synergy between all airport operators to guarantee continuous, safe and efficient flights for passengers.

The map indicates our 1st level main stakeholders, i.e. those with whom we develop the most direct and close relations.