Covid-19: la gestione di SEA dell'emergenza
Covid-19: How SEA is handling the emergency


    Immediate solutions to deal with the health emergency

    Immediate solutions to deal with the health emergency

    Managing the emergency in the best possible way

    Right from the outset of the Covid-19 outbreak, SEA management set up a crisis unit tasked with developing immediate actions as the pandemic evolves, with the goal of providing the best possible response to the emergency our airports are experiencing, while devising practical solutions to curb economic damage. In addition to this, SEA has set up a think tank to identify possible post-pandemic scenarios and reorganise air travel accordingly after Covid-19.

    What will it be like to fly after the emergency? Surely, the top priority for each passenger will be health safety. Operational procedures are already in place to guarantee contagion containment by ensuring compliance with passenger distancing requirements and wearing personal protection gear. Technology will probably play a key role in helping to speed up as much as possible all pre-flight operations, which will certainly take longer and be more complex than currently is the case.

    Chief Executive Officer's LinkedIn post (5/4/2020)

    Chief Executive Officer's LinkedIn post (15/6/2020)

    Daily sanitisation at Malpensa airport


    Employee and passenger safety
    The actions taken by SEA for safety against Coronavirus

    Health safety

    Workplace: Strong focus on employee and passenger safety

    Right from the start, SEA set to work to ensure maximum safety for passengers and airport staff alike.
    Travellers are asked to comply with social distancing measures, while smart working has been promptly enabled for all administrative staff and health equipment is distributed to operational staff to contain the contagion.

    In addition, day-to-day airport cleaning operations have been increased, as also has the use of specific machinery and products to ensure a thorough sanitisation of the areas with the largest influx of people.

    Coronavirus, daily sanitisation at Malpensa airport

    Sanitisation of a Qatar Airways aircraft




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