Key Financial Figures

Economic data 20182017 RESTATED (3)
Revenue thousands of Euro 713,145 676,541
EBITDA (1) thousands of Euro 281,851 243,006
Operating Profit thousands of Euro 189,469 127,890
Discontinued Operations profit/(loss) (2) thousands of Euro 0 1,556
Group Net Profit thousands of Euro 136,076 84,070
Income by Business Unit   2018 2017RESTATED (3)
Commercial Aviation thousands of Euro 658,128 621.404
General Aviation thousands of Euro 11,344 12,128
Energy thousands of Euro 14,484 14,728
Balance sheet data   2018 2017
Net capital employed thousands of Euro 858,737 900,055
Group Shareholders' equity thousands of Euro 459,101 391,154
Net debt thousands of Euro 399,611 508,878
Personnel   2018 2017
Employees HDC (at year-end)   2,847 2,837

(1) EBITDA is calculated as the difference between total revenues and total costs, excluding provisions and write-downs.
(2) The “Discontinued operations net result” includes the net result of the company SEA Handling SpA in liquidation, as per IFRS 5.
(3) From first January In accordance with IFRS 15 – Revenue from contracts with customers, applied by the Group from January 1, 2018, the incentives to the airline carriers for the development of traffic, previously classified in the account “Other operating costs”, and shown under commercial costs, in 2018 are classified as a direct reduction of “Operating revenues”. The figures in the 2017 accounts were reclassified for a correct comparability of the accounts in the financial statements.