Risk Management

The creation of sustainable value for stakeholders cannot exclude taking risks, which is a fundamental component of doing business. The SEA Group, in its capacity of airport operator, is exposed to a broad spectrum of potential risks impacting on the achievement of the business strategies. In order to reduce exposure to such events, the Group adopted specific processes and procedures to safeguard airport safety and the quality of services offered, for the protection of tangible and intangible assets of interest to stakeholders and to ensure the long-term creation of value. 

To better support and integrate the aforementioned systems, the SEA Group has introduced an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) model, which takes inspiration from the main national and international best practice (e.g. the Self-Governance Code for Listed Companies, the CoSO ERM - Integrating with Strategy and Performance).

The objective of this model is to identify and assess homogeneously and transversally the risks linked to the development of corporate activity, and those which may have a significant impact on the medium-long-term sustainability of the business. It also ensures the constant monitoring of these risks, in order to support management strategic choices, decision-making processes and stakeholder assurances.

The Board of Directors approved the Enterprise Risk Management Policy in 2017.